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The Accident Support Group assists your business with an accident management solution, every step of the way.

Automotive and Fleet Managements Accident Support Group provides a national end-to-end accident management services solution.

  • Expert Advice - Services are provided in house by our team of experienced accident management personnel.
  • Comprehensive Service - ASG team is tasked with guiding customers from the time of the accident to the finalisation of the claim.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we can offer your business access to our cloud based in-house proprietary accident management software. We assist you to provide a stress-free experience to your customers and members by offering them a complete solution in the event of a motor accident.


  • Vehicle Towing

    Coordinating the towing of the damaged vehicle

  • Transportation

    Organising transportation from the accident scene

  • Advice

    Claim advice and assistance via a 1st or 3rd party

  • Replacement

    Arranging for the hire of a replacement vehicle

  • Repair

    Managing the repair of the damaged vehicle or helping to arrange a total loss assessment

  • Recover Costs

    Recovering the costs from the other party’s insurer if our customer is not at fault in the accident

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