Specialists in Car Finance for
Personal and Business Use

Whether you're buying a New or Used car, for Business or Personal use, we've got a variety of car finance options and un-biased lenders to assist you. Our professional lenders will take into consideration every part of the decision (cash-flow requirements, business structure and individual tax considerations).


  • Novated Lease

    Your employer deducts money from your pay to make payments for your vehicle, usually with tax benefits. Also known as 'Salary Sacrficing'.

  • Consumer/Personal Loan

    A simple loan (usually at a higher interest rate) but you need to be financially sound and prepared for some extra expenses.

  • Business Lease

    Available for individuals or businesses where the car is for business purposes. Pay fixed, monthly payments. At the end, return, sell or buy the car.

  • Chattel Mortgage

    A loan to purchase a vehicle which is then used as security against the loan. Some lenders may call it an equipment loan.

  • Hire Purchase

    Purchase a vehicle by paying an initial installment and repay the balance of the price of the asset plus interest over a period of time.

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